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A fascinating downhill cycling tour from Mount Batur (Kintamani Village) and through the quiet back roads of Bali’s beautiful countryside. You will visit a woodcarving workshop, temples, coffee plantation and many rice paddies fields. Experience local fruits, vegetables and herbal teas.

What is the better way to see such a beatuiful country close up than the bicycle. Imagine, biking along the quiet road, in the shade of rice terrace, coconut groves with sound of birds and insects filling the morning air. You will realize that every moment, how much more enjoyable a place can be when pace is slow down and leisurely, when riding a bicycle in Ubud Bali.

You can move at a place fast enough to see the landscape changing yet slow enough to appreciate the friendly local people along the familiar sight we riding! We will lead you to see the rich cultures, of the Ubud Bali by bike.

A must for families and individuals looking for fun and active way to see the another side of Ubud Bali. We promise you no crowds and exhilarating experience you will not soon forget with Ubud Bali bike tour.

This includes soft on-road mountainbike adventure as well as challenging off-road mountain biking in the mountains of Ubud Bali. We also have equipment suited to even young children. For either end of the age scale we have designed tours which can be biking at a more leisurely pace so everyone can join in the fun.